Television Ad : Running time 30 seconds approx.


White backdrop. A wooden chair in the foreground. Man enters frame, sits down, looks intently to camera.


Imagine you bought a piece of furniture, took it home, and found out you had to pay some more.

Man leans forward and frowns. As each sentence is read out, cracks appear in the legs of the chair (shown in closeup)

And once you'd paid, you had to pay a little more every year.

Not to the manufacturer, but to a private company, with advertising everywhere.

Even if you're on the dole, elderly, housebound or not even able to use it.

But you still pay, because everybody else does...

And if you don't

Police officers enter, handcuff man's wrist and leads him off screen.

It means you're a criminal.

Of course, that could never happen to you... after all

Hand holding remote control enters picture, giving the impression the viewer of the scene is holding it's only a piece of furniture.

Button pressed on remote. Chair replaced by a television set, showing static

Cut to black screen. Caption:

The TV License. It's not fair, it's not right, and it shouldn't be law.

Write to your MP.

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