crush a rusty nail into the flesh of my palm with
your left hand, of course.
and with the right one, lay me on the crucifix of our bodies - together.
wouldn't you gasp I've been sitting in the sun too long?
but I gluttonously dig my fangs in this Insane feeling.
more and more.

Here, I am using logical words to explain an Insane passion

How else to explain to you what doesn't make sense to me- to you

to anyone who might want what they do not need - and cannot bear to live without - it
the type of comfortable safe living that involves no risk and needs no
explanation of motivation
Nobody asks why Normal people choose normal lives - as such
do they?

love me less, but love me for a
long, long time
longer than it seems possible

it is not about what is possible, is it ?

wouldn't have been possible without

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