As a toddler, they taught her
to sing McCartney's songs,
Obla di obla da doesn't take too much to babble. 

At seven she sang to the radio
and danced in her bedroom
on Sundays when no one was there to watch.

At eleven, she paid seventy nine dollars
to buy a mail order catalog no brand name guitar
that never stayed in tune very long.

At twelve, she wrote a song about love
even though she didn't know much about it
and couldn't care less to. 

By fifteen she knew a few more chords
and figured out a way to make those sounds
like she heard on the Nirvana records.

Nineteen brought her a better guitar
and a few bits of money when
she got over her stage fright.

At twenty three she managed to put the guitar down
and pack it away in a case in an attic
and not touch it again for six more years.

But at twenty nine she found you
and had to play a song that she had written
seventeen years ago

She didn't know it was for you then
but she makes no mistakes
that it has always been about you.

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