Do not be fooled by the title-however much like a "B" movie this may sound, this incident was reportedly investigated by both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, both of whom are reported to have taken the matter very seriously.

The creature was first reported in 1996, by a 30 year-old employee of General Motors, who spotted it in a sludge pit of Delphi Interior and Lighting Systems Plant 9 at Anderson, Indiana, describing it as squid-like, and the colour of an earth-worm. When the pit was cleared out, another of these creatures surfaced. The creature measured around eight inches long, with primitive eyes and long tentacles. It was killed and placed in a jar for examination. More creatures began to surface, some of which were killed, some of which became submerged before they could be caught. A spokeswoman for th Delphia company in Detroit, Sharon Morton, played down this incident to the press, dismissing the creature as a result of minor "bacterial growth" in the pit, which contained anti-freeze, paint stripper, oil and polyal, a chemical compound used to make car bumpers. These creatures have not been examined professionally, as government officials have confiscated all specimens.

I found out about this incident in a book called Strange Encounters, part of a series called the unXplained. It doesn't seem to name any author anywhere in the book. It doesn't even have their name in the copyright...

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