Ingeizm is an old Solar Cult. The word Ingleizm is a Runic word made up from 4 h'Aryan Runes: Inglea, I for Truth, Z for Earth and M for World. The word in whole means, therefore, the Inglea's Truth of Earthly World. The people whos Faith is Ingleizm are called Inglings

The ancient word Inglea means the Light of Life, and is closely related to the word "Ingle" - which can be found in old dictionaries and means "Fire", or "Fireplace".

The Old Russian Ingleation Church keeps old Slavic-Arian Vedas. Vedas is an old Russian word, meaning Knowlege.

The two principles of Ingleizm are:
1. Sacredly honour yor Gods and Ancestors.
2. Live according to conscience and in harmony with the Nature.

Ingleizm is not a religion. The word for it in Runic is Vera, Ve - for Vedas, Ra means radiance. The word Vera can be translated as Faith. It is something that is present eternally inside a person. A religion is a re-league, an attempt to restore the link between People and God(s) by means of a prophet or a teaching. However, Inglings have never lost their link to their Gods and Ancestors - they have always kept them in their hearts and kept to the day the Sacred Knowledge - the Vedas.

Gods are the highly complex living creatures which created the Peoples, thus, Gods are our Ancestors. All White people have common Gods, as well as their own Gods and Ancestors. Inglings believe in the afterlife, and that the Soul and Spirit never die.

The most important figure in Ingleizm is Rod (Kin). Each person has his own different Kin, except for brothers and close relatives. The society is based on Clans in Ingleizm, and together the Clans make up a People. This Clan system in Russia was called Derzhava, which is a Clan-based Patriarchal society. In India, there is a similar system based on Kulas (Tharavad). This system is totally opposite to the Republic, where a small number of people parasitize the enslaved majority.

The Christian called it Slavic Paganism (yazychniki). However they used the word yazychniki referring to all those who were not Christian. But Slavs used that word to refer to any alien people, so at that time they often used that word referring to Christians. Therefore, that is not a correct word to call onself, although it is widely used in the scientific world, and among those who are trying to "revive" the Old Russian Faith without having enough knowledge.

During the centures of forced Christianization all kinds of old books (written in many different writing systems!), Vedas, Sacred music instruments were burnt to aches. The Slavs fought desperately against the invasion of Christianity into Russia. By the year 1000 the population of Russia dropped from 12 millions to 3 millions.

Before Nicon's reforms (back in 1660's) there was Dvoeverie (tho Faiths) in Russia: Pravoslavniye Slaviane and Orthodox Christians, but Nicon was aggressive against Old Russian Faith, so he ordered to change the word Orthodox (Pravoverniye) to Pravoslavniye in the Christian books, so the Russian Christians would call themselves the same word the people belonging to Old Slavic-Arian Faith call themselves.

In 1699 Piotr I introduced a new calendar. According to an Old calendar now, 2002 A.D. would be 7510 "from the making peace with Arimia in the Year of Starry Temple". Piotr I destroyed whatever he could, concerning Russian tradition: historical origins of many thousands years, Old Faith, made people shave the beard and wear European-styled clothes, which led to rebellions in Tara, Siberia. The rebellions were suppressed an hundreds of rebels were tortured by sitting on the pole.

During the Soviet rule, the disseminators of Vedic knowledge were prosecuted and severely punished, some Vedic Scripts were destroyed during the KGB raids.

Today, there are many Clans in Russia, belonging to the Old Russian Ingleation Church in many Cities. They celebrate old holidays such us Day of God Kupala, Day of God Perun, and many others. They bring bloodless offerings to their Gods and Ancestors. They sing old songs, play old games, jump over the fire and walk on the burning charcoal.

They say "Slava Bogam 'i Predkam nasha!" which means:
"Glory to our Gods and Ancestors!"

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