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There were six of us in this group, we all had gym class together. We all went through the gross "lets show off" underwear and how we are over/under developed. That was last year, now we are seniors and a lot of that is old news.

This year, the news is Mr.Harrison. Former student teacher, former all state high school quarterback, present day hottie. Our homeroom teacher. Seems kinda vacant, but in a nice way. No crude remarks and doesn't pull any of that, I'm here for you .. crap that a lot of the younger teachers try out. Puhh-leeze. Just calls the roll, gives everyone one warning, then starts filling out the slips. No crap, but no verbal abuse either.

But the news is... those eyes, light blue, sorta robins egg, but set back, looking out past you. Our group sets up shop pre-homeroom in the backrow and just watch, he sets up lessons, doublechecks his notes, drops chalk (OHMYGOD ) tries to write stuff on the board, drops it again, we all laugh and he gets a lam-o kid from the front to pick it up for him.. crap..

It's petty and beneath us, but what the heck. Any amusement will do, and we are easily amused.

So, and in all pretty normal high school stuff, until last Thursday, at the Y. I am doing my typical run till I puke stuff after school. Afterwards, sweating like a pig, dressed in wonderfully dramatic gray and off gray crap- I weave down the hall toward showers when I bump into him. Maybe bump is not the right word. Bump, push, look up, then grab. To hold on. You know, as to not fall down. Come on, cut me some slack here.
So I am holding on, making innocent contact with his flesh, when I notice he is holding too . Without any indication he is about to fall. He gives me this look, like, does this mean something? Is this a moment? and I start to say, You know it's whatever .. it's whatever you want it to be.. but what comes out is:

Ohmygosh, I am, like,so.. klutz..sorry..

So, then I am start to walk away, totally freaked, but he turns me around, by one arm and I freeze.

I'm not sorry, he says,and smiles.

Frozen. Scared? Offended? Unable to process? Pick one. My comment-none. So he just shakes his head, and walks away, looking, I don't know, but maybe sad.

So I tell everyone this and after I get to the sad part I look around at these blank faces...

"What does it mean?" they ask, expectant.

Like I would know.

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