<drownzsurf>: No wonder I'm in the wrong place, I thought I was on Ulysses Street.

nickle for the one-eyed kid selling dope at the truck stop,
fifty cents for both eyes of the meth dealer down duke and his toothless rottweiler.
all the truckers say inflation's a bitch.

chiron old trucker won't take quarters that rat bastard,
rolling big rig with black gold and the salt-shit mudflaps
rolling reno i-eighty with pockets full of green.

and shit that kid from rio or from mexico, peru
shuffled down nevada to the closed casino doors.
times are tight for the one-eyed kid
and the voodoo granny can't pay the fee
for hookers, ferry-man, bank-man
or a chicken stuffed in the mouth.

anyway, just a nickle down on lethe street
shuffling shrouds down the quarter washing machines
rumbling highway through town and yellow grandma at the slots
pulling smoke, pulling cherries, staring sightless, moaning,
and the dead will walk again.

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