Intelligent Drum n Bass or whatever you want to call it, was actually around much earlier than the more ragga orientated jump-up style. More up-beat then downtempo, but more groovy then techstep. Early Intelligent Jungle tunes where distinguishable by the use of laid back rhythm from an upright string bass. E-Z Rollers is a good example of Intelligent Jungle.

The first tune was perhaps Lennie De Ice's 'We Are I.E.', which can be called the very first jungle record though, coming out all the way back in 1989. Unfortunately, back in the day the cheesy piano phase raged on, leaving the mellow intelligent jungle to stifle. L.T.J. Bukem, who has produced intelligent jungle tracks as earlier as 1990, stuck with it. Now. with his Good Looking label, L.T.J. Bukem is the flagship of yet another sub-genre of techno.

See Also: downbeat, downtempo, illbient, turntablism, trip-hop

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