The constant increase in entropy, or randomness in the universe, can be used to explain why intelligent life exists here on Earth, as well as why it is very possible for intelligent life to exist in other regions of the galaxy as well. The reason for this is simple, the greater the intelligence of the being, the more capable it is of destroying things. This is demonstrated by our atomic bombs verses other animals clawing and shredding. The greater the destruction that occurs, the more entropy there is in the system, and since processes that have more entropy are spontaneous it would then be more likely it is for that particular thing to occur.

In order for this destruction to occur, however, there has to be a tendency to use it's power of destruction. Seeing as humans fight wars all the time, we can observe that this nature is defiantly with us. However, the nature can not be so great as to wipe itself out completely and therefore stop progression on to more devastating devises. This tendency shows that there is a high probability of life existing on other planets in the universe. If they have developed further then us, they more then likely have much more devastating devises then ourselves. Because it would be in their nature to use these devises, and they don't want to kill themselves off, any other life that they may come across could very well be the target, ourselves included.

Seeing that we are still here is a pretty good indicator that we have not as of yet been discovered by an alien race. The Globe and Enquirer, among other tabloids, are likely just out for the quick buck.

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