Usually refers to the InterActual Player, an overlay for Internet Explorer for Windows that allows owners of DVD-ROM drives to access the interactive features on certain discs. InterActual seems to be the interactive format of choice for studios that release DVDs, as it appears on almost every interactive DVD currently released (including titles like The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, Shrek, and The Phantom Menace), much to Macintosh owners' chagrin (as there is no Macintosh-compatible version yet). Interactual also accesses most of the interactive features used by an earlier interactive DVD program, PC Friendly (used on discs like The Matrix).

Only a few titles don't use Interactual or PC Friendly for their "interactive features". In most cases, this means that their so-called "interactivity" is limited to a link to the movie's webpage, as in the case of Manga Video's Castle of Cagliostro disc. However, the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within disc's interactivity is Quicktime-based instead.

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