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Ah, the Intern Project.  Or, as I like to call it, the "Let's Assume The Interns Aren't Doing Anything Important Anyway And Pile More Crap On Them" Project.

The theory, no matter what the company, seems to be that interns don't actually do any real work.  So, an intern team project is organized so that the interns can get "real-life experience" working on a "real team project," and I've probably missed a buzzword or two somewhere.

So what was I doing before, working on my fake-life experience on a fake project?!  I know that some of the other interns always get cushy jobs surfing the internet for 8 hours a day because their managers don't know what to do with them, but I have real work to do.  This intern project that you've concocted to act as busy work isn't a welcome change of pace, it's a hinderance to my productivity on my real assignments.

Oh, but you say it gives the interns a chance to get to know one another.  Yes, but I work in a remote location hundreds of miles away from the other interns.  I have no need or desire to bond with them, nor would it give me any sort of business advantage.

The only reason we really have this retardo project, Mr. Intern Project Coordinator, is so that you can justify your existence to your superiors and convince them you've "trained" the interns well.  Oh, and how original you've been in the choice of assignment!  Making a webpage for the third time in three summers!  I'm quivering with delight.

Just leave me alone and let me do some work, willya?

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