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Woe to those web designers who use CSS, as Microsoft's Internet Explorer does not work properly with CSS, when written as defined by W3C. Although Netscape and Opera work fine (mostly), they are so sparsely used it statisticly doesn't matter. Although nobody cares about Joe Shmoe's website, but a big corporation will care if only a small percentage of it's site's visitors can actually view the content in the intended way.

Internet Explorer falls short in many places, these two being the ones I've cared about:

  • HTML tags w/ IDs, names, or classes are not able to be changed or defined properly with Javascript or CSS
  • Using ":hover" for things other than links.

Of course, W3C does not say, "You must use this," but in reality says, "The standard should be this." Because of this, Microsoft does not have to do anything W3C says, and ends up creating problems in writing HTML for everyone. Let us just hope that, in the future, there will be an exact defined standard of CSS, and that all web browsers will hold to it.

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