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Interstate 17 has the dubious distinction of being one of the only double-digit interstate highways which exists in only one state - Arizona. ("Interstates" which do not cross state borders usually have triple-digit names; single- and double-digit numbers are supposed to be reserved for major cross-country highways.) It runs from the I-10 junction in Central Phoenix north to the I-40 junction in Flagstaff, a mere 146 miles.

There is a single Business Loop route on the I-17, in the small town of Black Canyon City, about 30 miles north of Phoenix.

Interstate 17 intersects with the following highways and freeways (list is from the south end, going north):

- Interstate 10 in Central Phoenix, near 24th Street (as I-10 or I-17 Truck Route, depending which direction you're going).
- US Highway 60 in Central Phoenix, near 24th Street.
- Interstate 10 (again) in Central Phoenix, near McDowell Road.
- US Highway 60 (yes, again) in Central Phoenix, near Thomas Road.
- AZ Loop 101 Freeway in Glendale.
- AZ Highway 74 near Carefree and New River.
- AZ Highway 69 at the Cordes Junction, 35 miles from Prescott.
- AZ Highway 169 15 miles from Camp Verde.
- AZ Highway 260 just outside Camp Verde.
- AZ Highway 179 about five miles from the small town of Rimrock.
- AZ Highway 89A a few miles outside Flagstaff.
- Interstate 40 in Flagstaff.

In the Metro Phoenix area, the I-17 acts as one of the main freeways from its origin at the I-10 to Happy Valley Road. Unfortunately, it follows essentially the same plan as when it was first built in the 1950s; its daily traffic of some 200,000 vehicles is about ten times as much as it was rated for, hence it is chronically backed up during almost the entirety of the work day. Hopefully the US 60 will alleviate the traffic when ADOT finishes converting it to a freeway.

(On a side note, there is a local punk rock band in the Phoenix area with the name "I-17", obviously referencing the fact that the interstate is confined to Arizona. They're not half bad, either.)

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