Interstate 10 crosses the US from California to Florida (or Florida to California) and is 2,460 miles long.

The eastern end is in Jacksonville, Florida at the I-95 and the western end is in Santa Monica, California at the Pacific Ocean.

Spur routes are:

Intersections with other Interstates

Although I've lived in the Los Angeles area my entire life, I have never been to the end of the 10 freeway. For the most part, I avoid this particular route when possible as it's an older freeway and not the most user-friendly when full of other traffic. It passes through the middle of Los Angeles, and is therefore a popular route with in-town and local traffic, but if you can use another route, I would suggest going around the city itself.

I've never gone very far on the I-10 at any time in my driving history and I've seen more of it from above while in flight to Arizona and Texas that ever from its paved length.

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