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In Portland, Oregon, Interstate 205 branches out of I-5 just south of Tualatin and Sherwood, heads due east through Oregon City, Milwaukie, East Portland, and continues north across the Columbia River into Washington. It merges into I-5 once again, just north of Salmon Creek.

A North-South loop route to Interstate 5 (I-5) in Portland, OR. Total length is approximately 37 miles. Interstate 205 begins just south of Tualatin, serving Sherwood, Oregon City, Milwaukie, Clackamas, East Portland, Portland International Airport, crossing the Glen Jackson Bridge into Vancouver, WA and terminates at I-5 north of Salmon Creek. I-205 serves as a by-pass to the Portland Metro area and also includes the MAX Airport line.

Something interesting: I-205 was completed in two stages: the southern half (south of I-84) was completed in 1975, and the northern half completed in 1985.

Other major highways that intersect I-205: I-84, US-30, US-26, highway 99E

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