In the interest of humanity, I am sharing this invocation with all here. This is used only by serious people for serious purposes. What it does, when the rite is performed correctly, is to summon a noder who disappeared from the site long ago. The invocation causes a stirring in their unconscious mind which makes them remember everything2, the site they participated in before three failed marriages and four kids by eight different fathers. They will feel an urge to return, and then an urge to node. Use CAREFULLY.

Side effects include bowel distemper, unbalanced thought processes, and occasional discoloration of your skin lasting four to five days.

The version used by The Second Wave, which began taking control of everything2 in 2001:



We call upon thee, great spirit of the ancient ones

Bring forth one of their kind

One lost in the wars of old

Bring them home

Bring them to our shores

We will give them comfort and wine


The other version used was by the post-apocalyptic Time of the Ravishers in 2010, when the government of everything2 collapsed and bands of hungry freaks hunted freely in our fields. They needed a heroic figure to rise:



Now it is a bond rush

Yesterday a cleaning lady

Ripe with distortions

And paranormal views

Then there were the gangs

Mutants and freaks abound

Send us a hero

Send us one who has been lost

To the sands of time

For these are the days of our lives

And we need them by our side

To fight for what is ours

Great spirit of tender affection

Come to us

Make us one with Besovi

Who was spoken of by a prophet

Beheaded by a mob

Peace be with you

Bring us a noder of old

Bring us a noder of old

Unchain them

So they may node again


Words and phrasing

Are copyright Everything2 Historical Archive

Located in Long Lake City, Nevada

With a PO Box in Calgary

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