• (2) Two slices of Bread
  • (2) Two slices of American Cheese
  • (1) A little Butter
  • (1) One Iron

    Plug in the Iron. (If it's a steam iron, make sure there's no water in it! Use it as a "Dry Iron")

    While the iron is heating up, find a nice, flat surface nearby. Cover with two paper towels. Place one piece of bread on the paper towel. Spread a little butter on the bread, and cover with the two slices of cheese. Spread some butter on the underside of the other piece of bread, and place on top of the cheese, butter side down.

    Get your Iron, and press the heat plate down on the sandwich gently, but firmly. Hold there for approximately 15 seconds. Remove the iron, flip the sandwich over, and repeat.


  • Alternative directions:

    • Prop a dry iron upside down on the ground between two shoes.
    • Coat the outer sides of the bread of your sandwich with butter.
    • Place the sandwich on the iron and flip when necessary.

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