Next time you get pulled over, try talking to the "enemy". Begin by asking him how his/her day is going. But refrain from using the titles PoPo, Oinker, or Pig. Here's a list of titles that most counties abide by. Calling cops by their official title will lessen your chance of a ticket. Knowledege is power!

Check out the part of the uniform where there's the stripes and take note:

If there are 3 or more stripes, you're probably lookin' at a Sergeant.

If there are 1 or 2 stripes, you're probably lookin' at a Corporal.

If there are no stripes, but s/he is driving a state care, it's a Trooper.

If there are no stripes and s/he is driving a county car, it's a Deputy.

When in doubt, stick with good ole Officer. Oh, and don't ever say "Is there a problem, ...?" They really hate that.

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