This has really been annoying me, and I think that it's time to bring this issue to light.

America has a serious problem with thinking that slim is beautiful. This is why anorexia is so rampant and all that.

Another problem, especially for me, is the rampant presence of fat-free food. I can't find turkey meat at the grocery store that doesn't say "98% Fat-free!" Have you ever seen any yogurt that isn't fat free?

What are you fucking people doing with all of my fat?

I'm six feet tall and I weigh a disturbing 140 lbs. I swim every day, so I'm basically just skin, bones, and muscle. I am ridiculously skinny. I eat, and I eat, and I can't seem to stop eating. I want to get some fat in my body. I have an extremely high metabolism, and while some people would find this to be a blessing, I find it to be a curse.

All I wish is that there was more food that wasn't fat free. I've actually been to a restaurant where the only soda they had was Diet Coke. I mean, come on people! This starvation thing is unhealthy. Your body is supposed to have some fat in it; otherwise, why would it store it?

Eat, drink, and be fat!

Oh, and after writing this, I saw, why can't I gain weight? -->

The most disturbing part of all is that fat free is not healthy.

America has an image problem--anorexia and bulimia are rampant, but obesity is just as much a rampant societal disease. The problem is, if you happen to be one of the people afflicted with genetic obesity, diet food isn't going to help you. If you are obese because of lifestyle, diet foods might help, but just eating 98% fat-free cookies and meat won't make you drop those extra 100 lbs.

Diet junk food tends to be just as devoid of nutritional value as its fattening counterparts. This means that you aren't getting the fat, but you are also not getting any protein, vitamins or other important nutrients. On top of that, fat is an essential nutrient. Excess is bad, of course, but an excess of anything can be a poison, and fat is no exception.

Health food, not diet food is the way to move back towards a healthy lifestyle, and a balance between the double-edged sword of obesity and anorexia.

Besides, gluttony is still a sin, no matter what the fat-free status of your potato chips is.

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