At childbirth class the other night, I was presented with some fascinating statistics. I had already been told to expect a weight gain of around 35 pounds or so, but this time they gave me the actual breakdown.

Breast Increase : 2 - 4 pounds
Blood Increase  : 4 - 5 pounds
Maternal Stores : 5 - 8 pounds
Placenta        : 2 - 3 pounds
Amniotic Fluid  : 2 - 3 pounds
Baby            : 7 - 8 pounds
Uterus Increase : 3 - 4 pounds
average total   : 25 - 35 pounds

From the American Academy of Pediatrics

In my pre-pregnancy studies, I have come across many accounts of actual weight loss in pregnancy. Most of these accounts have been from so-called super-sized moms. While not the most flattering term, super-sized mom refers to someone who weighs 300 pounds or more before pregnancy. Some super-sized moms have reported weight loss from as little as 5 pounds to as much as 50 pounds after their baby is born. Larger women getting pregnant need to make sure they find a size-friendly health care provider who understands that their bodies may react differently to pregnancy.

A good resource for plus-sized women interested in pregnacy is:

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