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Isen Torr is an epic heavy metal band from the United Kingdom, formed by Rich Walker in 2003.

Thematically, Isen Torr’s music focuses on valour and medieval war. It is because of these lyrical themes that the band has been described as producing “Anglo Saxon Battle Metal”.

Currently, they only have two releases, one of which is a 10” EP, titled “Mighty & Superior”. The EP contains 2 tracks: “Mighty & Superior” and “The Theomachist”. Only 666 copies of this EP were ever produced. Their second release is a re-release of “Mighty & Superior” on CD, which contains a bonus demo version of “The Theomachist”.

At the time of the band’s formation, their goal was to produce only 3 EPs to form a trilogy, as well as perform a single live show at the “Keep It True” festival (an annual metal festival held in Germany since 2003), following the release of the third EP.

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