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A term and much studied concept in chess. The Isolated Queen's Pawn (IQP) is simply when both pawns adjacent to the queen's pawn (the pawn on the d file) have been captured leaving it isolated. Most study refers to the pawn after it has moved two squares forward. It is a useful thing to study because it occurs frequently when playing a Queen's Gambit (accepted or not) chess opening. It occurs in other openings, though not as much, and if you know a little about its inherent strengths and weakness before hand you can plan a little bit better. A good thing to remember when reading the points below is that in order for this to occur your opponent will most likely have also lost at least one of the pawns to the side of your queen pawn. It's all from the point of view of white.

.Good Things.

  • It makes creating Knight outposts easier on e5 and c5
  • Makes blacks queen development tougher
  • Pawn exerts control on the center black squares
  • .Bad Things.
  • Black can place a piece d5 and use the pawn as a shield, it wont be attacked by any pawns or on the d file
  • The pawn has to be defended by pieces not other pawns
  • Makes a fianchettoed black bishop even stronger
  • go study kill

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