Once you know the rules of chess and how the pieces and pawns move and kill you can, in theory, play chess. Really you can't though. Chess is about history. People have played a variation of this game for at least 1500 years and in that time have learned a thing or two about ideal ways of playing and beginning a game. The basic rule of chess openings is to control the center four squares. The idea is that you can attack better and control more of the board from the center. You do this with the pawns in front of your king and queen and the minor pieces which are your knight and bishop. These are the important openings you have to know, and understand the implications of, if you want to learn how to actually play chess. Why they are remembered is because they offer different ways to get your minor pieces out and position your pawns in order to try and control the center. You don't have to start with your king pawn or queen pawn its just a good idea to understand these beginner concepts before you go off and break them and forge a whole new style of play. Take a look at sabre23t chess notation node as well.

King Pawn Openings


Queen Pawn Openings

Other Openings

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