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The Worrall Attack is a line in chess for the Ruy Lopez. It is a non exchange variation (you don't take the knight right away) where white brings out the queen on the 5th move. In the long run, White tries to overtake black on the queenside while black tries counterplay on the kingside. Below is the chess notation.

1. e4    e5
2. Nf3   Nc6
3. Bb5   a6  (a6 is widely believed to be blacks best)
4. Ba4   Nf6
5. Qe2
The reason I kinda like the Worrall is that it's not the most prefered line for white and since most castle as white at this point, black is put at a disadvantage because the lines he/she is comfortable with are not available. Most of the time the Worrall continues. . .

5. ...   b5 
6. Bb3   Be7 (Bc5 for black is interesting also) 
7. 0-0

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