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Much like Barack Obama in the United States in 2008 with his "Yes, We Can" campaign. 36 years before in Australia, the Australian Labor Party used a similar campaign strategy to get Gough Whitlam.

The campaign slogan "It's Time" was accompanied by an upbeat pop song, persuading voters it was time for change and a better Australia, after 23 years of being under the Conservative Australian Liberal Party.
Several television commercials created by Paul Jones featuring Allison McCullam, a popular singer of the period and a slew of other Australian media personalities singing the "It's Time" song, would become one of the best remembered political campaign ads in Australian history.
"It's Time" was one of the first campaigns in Australia to use media, market research and public opinion to get candidates elected, which is now common place in many parts of the world.
The campaign was a success and helped Whitlam and several other Labor party politicians win a majority of the vote.





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