Long long ago I was sitting with my ex-girlfriend while she was doing her English homework. She was supposed to write a poem; she looked up at me and said, "Say the first thing that pops into your head", to which I said, randomly, "close the door before you leave". So she jotted that down as the first line of a poem which was short and depressing. She took it to school and apparently the class was awed by how profound that first line was and wasted the whole day discussing it. They tried to jab at the hidden meaning while she sidestepped deftly, determined to hide the fact that it was some complete nonsense that I had muttered on demand.

Sometimes it is amazing what people find profound. :P

Odd to come home to a dark house
to a note
to an invitation

A request?
More likely a suggestion

Take your things when you go
Because you need to go
Leave no address, because I won't be calling

I'm already gone.
Close the door before you leave

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