RSVP is the Resource reSerVation Protocol.

A soft state QoS signaling protocol that traverses each aware hop on path that given flow of traffic will go across. It contains at the least 5-tuple and servicetype information, and normally flowspec information. These messages can reserve resources on the router, or get vetoed. For a reservation to get installed both a path and resv message must go through un-vetoed. These messages are marked as IP Protocol 46 and are defined by RFC 2205. RSVP is generally considered an intserv QoS implementation, however more recencently have been refocused to addmision control to a diffserv QoS network.

Often written R.s.v.p. This is an initialism of Répondez s'il vous plaît, which is French for 'Respond if you please'.

This is often found on invitations to fancy-type events. Despite its literal translation, etiquette requires that you do respond, either to confirm that you will be attending or give your regrets that you cannot.

Unless otherwise specified, you should respond in writing. Even a very short note is fine. If 'RSVP' is followed by a telephone number or e-mail address, this is a sign that that is the proper way to respond. You should never RSVP in person.

You may also see 'RSVP by (Date)', or 'RSVP NLT (Date)'. This gives a formal deadline by which you should reply. It would be impolite not to respond by this date, and more so to respond in the affirmative after this date. (Worst would be to fail to respond and then show up anyway. Don't do that). If no date is given, you should respond within 24-48 hours of receiving the invitation.

You may also see 'RSVP regrets only'. In this case you should only respond if you are not going to be able to attend.

RSVP may be used as both a verb ("Please RSVP") and a noun ("I've received your RSVP"). It's not uncommon to see the forms 'RSVPed' (past tense), 'RSVPing', and 'RPVP's' (plural). Despite this being a French phrase, it is pronounced by spelling out the English letters, 'Ar-Ess-Vee-Pee'.

Australia's largest singles dating service. PLC was launched on Valentine's Day in 1997. According to its website RSVP has acquired half a million members of all ages, backgrounds and sexual preferences, whose liaisons have led to 780 weddings and at least 125 babies (the website does't mention if they are all in wedlock).

As with similar websites, members describe themselves and their ideal partner, hoping that their photo, witty writing style or claims of being successful, sensitive and sexy will land them a catch. Membership is free, as are the sending of virtual kisses to those who they want to express initial interest in, but members must purchase tickets online to send messages.

Attending: _____ Not Attending: __x__

I didn’t even know you had my new address, and I certainly didn’t know you actually wanted it; if I had, it would have been yours years ago.

There are a few things I’d like to say, not to ask for forgiveness or even to steal a little of it when you weren’t looking, but because it’s been too long to not try to tell you what I’ve been up to.

It was my fault. It was my fault because it was my plan, and no matter how much credit you tried to take for it at the time I never bought it, not because I didn’t appreciate the thought but because, and I say this without the slightest twinge of egotism, it was too elegant for you. All the potential in the world lived under your thumb, waiting patiently to disclose the inner workings of your talent. You were a god at what you did.

What you couldn’t do was talk to people. I gathered the information, and I figured out how to use it. I even got ahold of the disguises, you’ll remember - I had an uncle who was in the garment business on the seedy side of town, from back when they still made things apart from martinis and pizza. He knew who to talk to.

I know it was my plan because I designed it so that if anything went wrong, the only person in any danger was me. When the alarms blew they blew in colors, the hallway lights making everything burn, as close to “Aha! Gotcha!” as you could get without a comical sound effect and a trap door.

The other thing I did was introduce the two of you, but like we settled long ago, that was a different kind of weary.

I’m sorry it didn’t work out for all of us. Tell the others (if you see them; don’t be stupid) that I said hi.

Ten more years. I’ll come to your anniversary, I promise.

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