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The currently running dramatic series Mad Men, airing on
AMC, details (fictional) ad exec Don Draper’s creation of the phrase “It’s
Toasted” in order to sell a product (Lucky Stripe cigarettes) that had recently
become less desirable due to a release of data detailing carcinogenic
effects.  The intended effect of this
campaign was to direct the consumer’s attention toward the enticing aspects of
cigarettes and away from any downside of the product.
Draper: “How do you make your cigarettes?”

Lucky Strike Exec
: “We breed insect repellant tobacco seeds,
plant them in the North Carolina sunshine, grow it, cut it, cure it, toast it…”
Draper: “There you go, there you go, (It’s toasted is
written on chalkboard)
Lucky Strike Exec: But everybody else’s tobacco’s toasted…
Draper: “No. Everybody else’s tobacco is poisonous.”  
“Advertising is based on one thing … happiness
And you know what happiness is?
Happiness is the smell of a new car…
Its freedom from fear
It’s a billboard on the side of the road
That screams with reassurance
That whatever your doing is okay…
You are okay”



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