It's going to be fine.
Sure the company has no clients and you have 5 dollars in your bank account
So, you haven't changed the oil in your car for 15,000 miles.
The engineers had you in mind when they designed the lubrication-optional engine
It's going to be fine.
Stop worrying about the failing oxygen generator and
The smell of burning wires every astronaut fears.
It's all within acceptable parameters because I just rewrote the checklist
And there is plenty of carbonated mineral water in the refrigerator! It's going to be fine...
Don't concern yourself with those oil and energy futures.
What do those people know anyway? The gas will get to the pump - out of the ground
into a pipeline into a supertanker. You'll have plenty of gas for your V-10.
The drugs that you've been taking in greater and greater amounts will actually
wind up having an unforeseen health benefit, because that's the way these things
inevitably work out. It's just they don't want anyone to know yet-
because of the market.
Sure, the house is on fire, the front part anyway, but that's just the formal
dining room with the Chippendale china cabinet. It was always so fucking stuck up
It's all going to be fine.
I don't allow my negative thoughts to trouble me.
The trembling is under control, and the darkness that
threatens to crush my eyeballs is a figment of your overactive imagination
and there's no place for a pessimist on this expedition.

Buck up!

It's all going to be fine!

TRU FACT: I wrote and posted this on the company bulletin board after we learned our dot bomb advertising agency was going under and we were all being laid off. Despite our troubles, the refidge was FULL of Perrier.

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