A popular phrase from the Red Green show. It is most often said when the show's hosts are using duct tape. One example is a modification to a car that required attaching a snowplow to the front. They used several rolls of duct tape to hold the plow to the car, saying "Remember, it's only temporary, unless it works."

This phrase has been heard in many places, such as CAE (my place of employment). Frequently, when correcting a system problem, a temporary fix will be thrown together, after which you can usually hear "it's only temporary unless it works."

Similar to: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

It was only supposed to be temporary, and here we are, two years later with no signs of change, and maybe even no desire to change.

If anything, things only became more firmly cemented. We were comfortable, maybe too comfortable. But is that not the goal after all? To find some measure of comfort in this world, even if through unconventional means?

I wasn't sure if we wanted to formalize the permanence of it all. I'm not sure any of us did. What truly was permanent in any of this. Maybe permanence is just a longer version of temporary, and temporary just a shorter version of permanent.

But it was good enough for now. Maybe even better than good enough, for the moments of joy we found.

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