A Dogma '95 comedy about a bunch of different people whose lives intersect in an Italian class. Director Lone Scherfig was, of course, uncredited, as per the Dogma '95 rules.

I've never seen any other movies made under the "Vow of Chastity," but I suspect the flaws in this film are despite the rules rather than because of them; or, rather, there were flaws other than those necessitated by the constraints of the Vow. The characters in this move are stock characters, at least in Hollywood productions: the priest who's losing his faith (Anders W. Berthelsen; in this instance a widowed Lutheran minister), the young woman who thinks time's running out for her to get a husband (Sara Indrio Jensen), the unemployable hothead (Lars Kaalund), the lonely, aging man (Peter Gantzler), and so on. They may be stock characters from different movies, but their interactions are fairly predictable. It's difficult not to spoil the ending if you're writing for an audience that's seen a movie before.

That said, the scenery is nice. Since it had to be shot on location, when the characters adjourn to Italy, they really did go to Italy, and much as my Northeastern U.S. heart is warmed, so to speak, by snowscapes, I also liked seeing the Italian backdrops, not to mention Jensen in minimal clothing.

Main cast:

Anders W. Berthelsen as Andreas
Anette Støvelbæk as Olympia
Ann Eleonora Jørgensen as Karen
Peter Gantzler as Jørgen Mortensen
Lars Kaalund as Hal-Finn
Sara Indrio Jensen as Giulia

Cast data and memory jogs from IMDb.

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