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The "father" of Iwakura Lain, we meet him first in Layer 01: Wierd. He apparently works for a large computer company (maybe Tachibana Labs?), and when Lain asks for a new Navi he gets one for her. He seems cold and remote, but less so than Lain's silent "mother", even reminding Lain that the Wired is only for communication and such, and is not a replacement for human contact.

Spoiler Alert!
At the end of Layer 13: Ego, Lain is sitting at a table in her bear pajamas with a man that we can assume at least looks like Yasou. No one is really sure who this person is, and many theories abound, with his identity claimed to be anything from aliens to god to a figment of Lain's immagination. In any case, in this segment, Yasou reasures Lain, as he had when her "family" departed her, that she is not alone, she is with everyone as part of the collective unconsciousness.

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