In earthquake seismology, a J wave is a type of S wave.

The J wave is generated by the conversion of an S wave from a P wave at the boundary between the inner and outer core.

J waves are shortlived: they exist only in the boundary between inner and outer core, and revert back to P waves upon exiting the boundary.

Music, art, culture...a variety of information is rushing in from all over the world to the cosmopolis, TOKIO. In this city which instantly reflects the current 'on going' aspects of Japan and the world, J-WAVE is sending off the latest movements to our listening audience with our own selection of quality music and updated information to help to create a vivid city life. We are a music station interfused in the city through music. We are the center of the media as a key station transmitting the pulse of TOKIO. This is how J-WAVE defines itself as an FM station.
J Wave is a radio station broadcasting from its headquarters in trendy Roppongi, Tokyo. The station (call sign JOAV-FM) reaches out to 30% of the Japanese population with a 10kW signal propagated from the Tokyo Tower, and sent along the FM band at 81.3 MHz. Since its inception in 1988 J-Wave has targetted younger adults for its audience, with music programmes and sassy presenters.

Consuming music in city life as if it were nuirition needed for the human body, J-WAVE listeners are very sensitive to an evolution of the times, but never drown in that constant stream of trends. These are the people who listen to our station, people who have their own sensitivities. New media have been born one after another and all sorts of information is flying around in this city. Our listeners can only pick up the useful information and make the most of it. They are full of optimism in creating the pleasant city life by adopting information into their own style. J-WAVE is supporting the TOKIO LIFE style of these highly sophisticated people.

All gaijin in Japan will eventually end up hearing J Wave, as it has periodic broadcasts in English (often interrupted with Japanese soundbites).

J-wave can be heard from its website ( using Real Audio.

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