Supporting character published by Marvel Comics. J. Jonah Jameson first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #1.

The editor of the Daily Bugle, one of New York City's leading newspapers, J.Jonah Jameson has been an critic of Spider-Man from his introduction to the public. Believing that Spider-Man is a danger to the public, Jameson wrote many editorials blasting the hero. Because of these articles, public perception of Spider-Man has always been questionable. Over the years, Jameson has never come to know that he employs Spider-Man in the guise of Peter Parker as one of his photographers.

Unfortunately for Spider-Man, Jameson was not satisfied with just attacking him in the papers. Jameson was instrumental in the creation of the Scorpion, one of Spider-Man's reoccuring villains. The Scorpion years later attacked both Jameson and his new bride in an attempt for exact revenge against Jameson for his part in the Scorpion's creation. Spider-Man saved both Jameson and his bride from the villain. Jameson, in turn, published a complete confession of his part in the creation of the Scorpion and resigned as editor of the Daily Bugle for a time.

Jameson also employed for a time a series of Spider Slayer robots in an attempt to kill Spider-Man. One could hardly forget the image of a mechanical menace with many arms with a viewscreen that showed Jameson's disembodied head, gloating over the helpless Spider-Man. Jameson's attempt to use these robots was never successful.

Jameson's son John was an astronaut and eventually gained the ability to tranform into the hero Man-Wolf. He also gained incredible strength soon after returning from space and did battle with Spider-Man, but again was defeated.

J.Jonah Jameson is a man in his mid to late 50's with a black flattop haircut, white at the temples. He also has a small black moustache, which reminds one of Hitler's moustache. He often is pictured smoking or chewing on a cigar.

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