A relatively large high school in Berwyn, Illinois. The east campus is in Cicero, Illinois. The campuses are commonly called Morton West and Morton East. The two campuses share a very large and sucessful theatre program, the sports teams, and the academic teams. Each campus has its own newspaper, literary magazine, and yearbook.

JSM (a common abbreviation for the school name) places the students into levels of instruction via a battery of tests prior to enrollment. Students are then placed into Alpha, Beta, Gamma, or Delta levels for any humanities class - Alpha being the highest and Delta being remedial. Sophmore year, an Honors level is added above Alpha, and junior year students are eligible to enroll in AP classes if they qualify.

Students and faculty are required to wear color-coded ID's at all times while on school property. The IDs also have a full-color picture of your face, your locker number, your ID number (needed for any transaction at the school, including calling in sick), your year in school, your campus, whether or not you are allowed to leave early, whether or not you have classes on both campuses, whether you have a student activities pass, and two barcodes - one for books and the other for everything else.

Each class has their own color.

  • Freshmen - blue
  • Sophmore - yellow
  • Junior - red
  • Senior - green
  • Faculty - brown
  • 8th graders - black (some 8th graders attended the high school for an afternoon class or two)

When I transferred from Morton West, they were discussing the implementation of a uniform.

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