Hanna-Barbera in the 1970s had an enormous hit on their hands with Scooby Doo, that they adapted the formula, groups of teenagers/animals traveling the world and having adventures, to be used for a variety of different shows, these included Josie and the Pussycats and many others, including Jabberjaw which premiered in 1976.

The title character of Jabberjaw was a walking, talking, air breathing, friendly shark (possibly cashing in on the fact that everybody was crazy about sharks at the time, thanks to a little movie called Jaws.) who was a little clumsy, cowardly, and talked like Three Stooges member, Curly Howard. In the spirit of Scooby and Josie, Jabberjaw was a drummer and played with his four teenage human companions; Fred Jones-esque, Biff; strong-willed Shelly; ditzy Bubbles; and Clamhead, the "Shaggy" to Jabberjaw's "Scooby", in a band called The Neptunes. The band lived in 2076, humans had colonized the oceans and everyone lived underwater.
The Neptunes tour the oceans performing gigs and finding mysteries to solve and villains to fight at every stop.

The series had only 16 episodes, which later aired on USA Cartoon Express, Cartoon Network, and Boomerang. Its title star made appearances on Yogi's Space Race and Yogi's Treasure Hunt, later used for comical purposes in promos on Cartoon Network and did a few guest appearances Harvey Birdman, along with other H-B stars from his era.

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