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The Herculoids was a cartoon that featured a family comprised of Zandar (the father and leader), Tara (the mother), and Dorno (the son). The family was joined by the Herculoids, several friendly creatures: Igoo, a rock ape; Tundro, a rhinoceritops; Zok, a dragon that shot lasers; and Gloop and Gleep, two protoplasmic ghosts. Together they protected the planet of Quasar, called "Amzot" in the original series.

The original Herculoids aired from 1967 to 1969 on CBS. In 1978 reruns were shown as part of the NBC Go Go Globetrotters show. Herculoids (The New Series) appeared from 1981 to 1982 on NBC as part of the Hanna-Barbera Super Stars show which included new adventures of Space Ghost and other Hanna-Barbera shows.

The Characters:

  • Zandar: King of Amzot, leader of the Herculoids. Carries a shield, a slingshot, and energy rocks (for use with the slingshot). His shield will act like a boom-a-rang returning to him when thrown.
  • Tara: Queen of Amzot, wife of Zandor, mother of Dorno. She carries a slingshot.
  • Dorno: Son of Zandar and Tara. Carries a slingshot and energy rocks.
  • Zok: A Space Dragon. He has the power to fire "power rays" from his eyes and tail and a nega beam which is fired from his eyes. A nega beam disables any immobilizer ray.
  • Igoo: A Rock Ape. Virtually indestructible and very strong.
  • Tundro: A Certopsian Dinosaur. he fires energy rocks from his largest horn. He has ten legs and his armor plates enable him to withstand concussion blasts.
  • Gloop and Gleep: ghosts or jelly-like blobs? They can form any shape and withstand power beams. They can break down forming several minuture version of themselves and reform back. Their jelly-like bodies and ability to change shape makes their bodies very useful for the entire group.
There is a Herculoids FAQ that can be found at http://www.tntie.com/ashleys4jc/hb.herculoids.html

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