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An author of open source software born on February 23 1964. He is a demigod for any serious programmer in the SGML and XML world, because he wrote some of the most widely used typesetting and markup tools. His Web site is http://www.jclark.com, and he lives in Thailand.

His works include:

  • groff, a complete implementation of the standard Unix typesetting system, which he wrote in the eighties. Now a part of the GNU project. You have it in your GNU/Linux box.
  • sgmls: an SGML parser written in C. This is the reference SGML implementation.
  • SP: another SGML parser, written in C++.
  • Jade: a DSSSL engine. Clark is one of the editors of DSSSL. Unfortunately, Jade is not a complete implementation.
  • expat: the XML parser used in Mozilla and in a number of higher-level parsers. Use it if you need a lightweight and very fast XML parser. Jim Clark was involved in the creation of XML.
  • XP: another XML parser, written in Java.
  • XT: an XSLT processor, written in Java. Clark is an editor of the W3C XSLT Recommendation.

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