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When I was nine my mother insisted I take saxophone lessons. We found a decent, used saxophone at a pawn shop, got a lead on a teacher and scheduled a lesson.

At the end of my very first saxophone lesson my mother was asking about how to keep the instrument clean. The instructor told her that you could just use a product (which was appearantly more popular back east at some point in the past) called "Janitor in a Drum." I had only heard "Janitor in a drum" once before, and found the image of the custodian of my elementary school sealed in a barrel so funny that I immediately repeated the entire quote in which I first heard "Janitor in a Drum," by George Carlin:

"If Janitor in a drum made a douche no one would buy it, man."

Not having any idea what a douche was, I was entirely impressed by the afrementioned mental image. The higher humor was completly lost on me at the time. I think the instructor would have been amused if he hadn't been so embarrassed for my mother, who was embarrassed about my casual use of the word "douche."

Oh yeah, Janitor in a Drum is some sort of cleansing product which is presumably as good as having some guy (who isn't Mr. Clean) in bottled form ready to clean up after you. I later learned exactly what a douche is. Enemas too, but that's an entirely different story.

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