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Project Tapestry
Copyright 1977, 2000 e. blakemore
(Bards and dreaming)

The ground is a ship in Norway (#2)

(October 29, 1980, with revisions September 8. 2000. An earlier piece lost in manuscript piles somewhere, from about 1977-79 first uses the title phrase, recovered from a dream had in Oberlin, Ohio.)

There is so little to say about anything

Paint your face while you can. Piss the sky,

Piss in a river. Voices, voices

Steal poetry from those who would be your sisters.

See a tree     see water     what is it really?

It was paid to do this work. What was it before?

What can we get — what do we hope for?

There is no solitude

Crawl in a cave inside yourself

How do we describe the caves we hold inside?

The landscape where I have no land.

I remember. The ground is a ship in Norway.

The only Norway I will ever know is inside

It is somewhere south of the eye sockets

Where globes are hidden

Where the real map is stored.

What is left to the north is

A few songs. Not about trees

No Nature — no buildings — no concrete

Where...? where...?

(song from china)

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