There are predictions being made for healthcare in 2022.

I got this hashtag #healthcarein2022 off of LinkedIn. I have not read the predictions yet, because I think they are for the Healthcare Industry. I want to write my own first, then read theirs. Sigh.

I am more interested in the Heart of Healthcare then the Healthcare Industry. The nurses, the doctors, the front office staff, the laundry in the hospital, the aides, the circulators (1) in the operating room, maintenance, the cafeteria workers.

All the workers who actually work with patients.

I got shut out this week. From a volunteer committee. I don't think this is the best way to encourage volunteers, but, that's just me. I ask the (paid) leader to call me after dysfunctional emails. I do not get a call. Instead I am scolded by email, saying that I should just relax. I responded by saying that with friends in medicine ill and dying and burning out and quitting, I am not relaxed and I find it offensive to be told to relax.

The response to this was a general email to everyone saying that the committee work was back to virtual and ended with "if people in the holocaust could joke, why can't we?".

Um. I think about it and reply. A friend from medical school is dead. I know two households unvaccinated where a person has cancer and the household now has covid. I have friends that are working and suffering. I am trying to support them. I can't joke about it now.

And reply? None. Dead silence. Black holed, as grundoon and I called it. When one says one is in pain and everyone else shuts down.

Because they can't own their own pain, much less support me.

One person did reply privately. She is not on the committee. She is a musician. She said she is sorry I have friends dying and she says she is sure that no one on the committee means to hurt me.

Heh. There are three ministers on the general list, one of them retired. Nice of them to reach out, right?

So, next move. I followed up my general reply email with one just to the committee, explaining that I had a dental emergency this week and a total of six medical visits and I was only half way. I said that I could not attend the Thursday Zoom meeting. I asked if the group could pick prerecorded things, since I have not yet explored that repertoire.

They did, though no one answered. Looks like I have managed (as usual) to make everyone uncomfortable as hell. Well, I have a special talent with that. The phrase "call a spade a spade" comes to mind. I am not covering up with relentless false cheerfulness, they can go to hell before I do that.

However. Do I quit? I think I will do my sixth doctor appointment today this week and then tell the committee that I am going to take a month hiatus, while my health and grief hopefully improve. That gives (those jerks) a breather and I won't lose my temper.

I did call a friend who is on the church cares and concerns committee and discussed things with her two days ago. Before the most recent round of emails. She wants me to call the second in command minister. Who got both of the general emails. I think I will not. I had the impression before I was on the committee that people were leaving the church like rats leaving a sinking ship. If the culture is relentless positivity, I am out of there too. Too bad, it was wonderful with the previous minister. I will pick another church, whichever has the best music, because that is prime for me.

1. I did not misspell circulator. Ha.

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