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I couldn't say no to her.

She had told me to come before, and I felt bad about saying maybe, but now I even had better things to do. I was tired, and I had a party I was going to, and now she wanted me to go skating?? If she hadn't brought the other two girls to my room to “convince me” I probably wouldn't have gone. My friend decided that a brother in need is in need of a brother, so he came along.

I've never skated before, ice or roller. I've skied, but I didn't know if any of the skills would transfer. I was expecting to be the young wobbly newbie I see at ski areas, and I hoped I wouldn’t look like an idiot. The skates felt loose, they didn't fit right, and I could barely stand up on the rubber of the entryway floor, but I wasn’t going to admit defeat just yet.

I took a tentative step onto the ice, and slowly pushed myself off into the white expanse. "This is going to hurt" I told myself silently, and hoped that I wasn’t the only one who would hug the rails that night.

Slowly I skated, pushed off with speed, took to the icy lanes of the oval, and dodged figure skaters, hockey players, and sliding people on chairs. Each step was easier than the last, each lap a simpler experience, to the point I had no large difficulty keeping up with her. Slowly the skills came out, and I found myself at ease on the ice.

You could tell she was ecstatic that I came, and although she could skate better than me, she stayed with me most of the night. She has a boyfriend, and he was just as excited to have me there as she was. I felt like the adopted son, an upperclassman pair with their freshman child, teaching him the ways of the world. If I do as her boyfriend would have me, I would join his frat and he would BE my big brother. She is and will always be my friend.

Last night I wasn’t trying to impress anyone, as my coming impressed them enough. He wants me at as many rush events as he can muster, and I feel that if I want to join the fraternity it is basically my decision. But she has nothing at stake, nothing to gain, no honor won. Just for a friendship.

She was the reason I went.