Sisters in tha hood and pants, No
Hooded Sisters Traveling in Pants, No...
Sisterpants of the Traveling Hoods... no...

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants III:
They Don't Fucking Work Anymore!!

"Aaaaaeeeehhhhh!!" screams Lena as she's being eaten by the giant mutant demon Gorgomel from the 9th Dimension. "BUT I'M WEARING THE PANTS!"


Dear Ted,

Got my letter today! You know, from the Society To End Sexism In The Mad Scientist Community. I told you about it last week. Anyway, they accepted me, and I'm moving into the dorm tomorrow. I really shouldn't be telling you this, because it's top secret and all, but I can trust you, right? I mean, I want you to know where I am. You really don't need to worry about me at all, unless you hear about a big explosion downstate, in which case you might want to prepare for my funeral. Anyway, I'm getting a little ahead of myself. I'm going to miss you, a lot. If I can, I'll send you a robot clone of myself so you won't be so lonely. As long as you promise not to get too attached... Well, we can keep her around after I get back, I suppose. I could add a whisk attachment, and a vacuum attachment, and she could help with the chores. And then there's always the temptation of a clone threesome... Anyway, I have to go pack my bags now, and pick up my lab coats from the dry-cleaners. I'll see you soon enough, Ted. I love you. I'll miss you.



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