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It is Baconfest.

There are somewhere between 22 and 28 people in my house, depending on if you count kids and who is outside at present.

In the house, a professional chef (New York City restauranteur) is directing the dinner effort. When I mentioned that the piece of Manchego she handed me for taste testing had an interesting garlic tinge due to her handling garlic, she said "Oh, one sec, I'll make you a garlic confit." And she did.

In the house there is at least (there is other stuff, this is the highlights):

  • 45 lbs of pork ribs
  • 26 lbs of bacon
  • 7 lbs of home-smoked pork loin
  • 6 lbs of Ukrainian garlic sausage
  • 4 lbs of leftover pulled pork from last night's pork/coleslaw/hoisin tortillas
  • 4 lbs of super-sharp Cabot cheddar
  • a 50 lb bag of potatoes
  • 4 bottles of bourbon
  • 5 bottles of Scotch
  • 3 5-gal kegs of microbrew
  • a handle of Jameson's
  • 17 pints of Ben & Jerry's
  • 4 lbs of frozen M&Ms
  • a crate of Portobello mushrooms about to go on the Weber grill
  • 10 lbs of onions
  • A cord of wood and a fireplace

...such is Baconfest (@Baconfest on the twitterz).

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