Presented to me: Half a kiwi, denuded and gaspingly green, shallow grooves gouged into its surface. An inviting verdant egg of softish sweetness, with black seeds encircling a pale core like an ornately-threaded necklace. No speck of brown, no residue of fuzz, no awkward bruise, no fissure of a fruit grasped too tightly. Only the shallow grooves gouged into its surface. Only the sweet, piquant offering of a piece of glistening generosity, an unspoken sentiment embodied in green, black, and white.

Do you know how difficult it is to peel half a kiwi with your bare hands?

New Habits

Okay, so now I'm awake this early morning.

Waking up at 6am giving myself at least an extra hour a day will give me an extra 30 hours per month of productivity. Of course this will mean going to bed a little earlier, but there's really nothing happening at night time until activity starts to get flowing again.

Melissa and I have sorted out the pile of CDs that need to be ripped into MP3's. This will save a lot of space as well as being able to give our material away as tools of the industry. Now I just have to dedicate some time to convert and burn them to CD-R's. 1 CD-R will replace 9 to 11audio CD's. Melissa and I think that the Standing order System should just be available in either MP3's (on one CD) or through its present format. Those who choose the MP3 format would have it cheaper but the profits would either be the same or more for those producing it because of the reduced overhead and material. It's just smart business.

I've been reading the book, "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill, and I must say, it has changed my way of thinking. I loved the part about imagination and how there are two types - synthetic and creative. Synthetic is imagination that gets reformed from what we have currently in our faculty. Creative is what is being produced as new thoughts and possibilities.

I knew spending the $11.99 CDN was worthwhile.

BTW, I'm now 3/4 awake.

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