Last night was fucked. I went out with *Leslie, Nick, and Jay last night. I spent the day with Leslie and Nick, after I left Jay's apartment in the morning. We all went to dinner at the @cafe, and then decided to go for drinks. It was weird.. Jay was being really distant. I started to have flashbacks to relationships past. Jay kept getting up and going into the bathroom, and then it hit me. He told me last night he had tried coke a few times. A bit later he came over and kissed me hard, and ordered another round of drinks. He asked me if I was "in".. and I had no clue what he meant.. he then asked if I'd like to go to a party with some of his friends.. I looked to see what Leslie was up to, and she looked like she wanted to leave.. it was about 4am.. I said no.. He helped me with my coat, gave me a kiss, and made sure I got into a cab.. I should have stayed..

* - Names have been changed

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