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Things didn't go so hot in the first half so we're putting the ball in the air and changing the lineup...

Last semester in my house went by with a few speed bumps. The Fashionable One had a penchant for DOING EVERYTHING LOUDLY while The Slobs made my life as the resident neat freak ver difficult. But with the new semester comes a few changes in living arrangements.

Slob #2 was caught smoking copious amounts of ganja in his room. Now, I may be wrong, but I'd assume that most people when faced with that situation would be a bit more discrete with their illegal activities. But, true to form, he didn't change his behavior at all and continued smoking with as much enthusiasm as before. When campus police came by to drop off the letter summoning him in front of the school judicial board, he was in the middle of cleaning out his hookah and the entire house reeked of the smoke. There are other rumors floating around but, long story short, he's not living with us anymore.

The Cook is also gone which is a mixed blessing. On the one hand his girlfriend won't be around all the time. I won't have to deal with his constant hovering over my shoulder when he was bored. And I won't have to deal with the surly mood swings. On the other hand he was a pretty mellow and relaxed guy, my beer buddy, the only other person in the house that had a true appreciation for anything other than BMC crap. Not that I'm a snob—I'll drink crap beer any day of the week—just don't pretend that Killian's is anything but a poor excuse for a red.

Replacing him is The Casanova. Tall, suave, and androgynous, he's the kind of guy teenage girls swoon over. Oh yes, and it doesn't hurt that he's fucking loaded. But there's something off about him that sends up red flags all over. The way he smiles and ingratiates himself to everyone he meets, the way he's dressed, and his 'interests'. They all speak of a falseness in his character and a complete lack of consistency—he's charming because he has the uncanny ability to persuade people to do what he wants. The word 'sociopath' springs to mind.

When men first meet him, they tend to pick up on his act immediately, but women often are oblivious to it until many weeks afterwards. Which is entirely the point since his persona seems to have been created for the single purpose of getting laid. This makes him dangerous, especially since his habits are predatory to say the least. He walks up to the freshmen girls out to their first college parties and turns on the charm: "Hey I'm Dan, you have pretty eyes, do you want a drink?" And while this approach is completely transparent, he pulls it off. Maybe they're girls who want to fuck, just to fuck, but my personal sense is that he's walking a line very close to date rape.

"Oh my god, dude, she had no tits. No fucking tits! Not even an A cup. I made her cross her arms under her chest all the time just so I could pretend she did."

And oh, the misogyny. The Casanova frequently comes into my room to talk about sex with The Gamer, his boasting and smugness revealing an attitude that treats women as disposable diversions rather than human beings. It's not an overt 'get back in the kitchen' sort of thing but more of a mental blindness to the fact that (now bear with me, I'm being a bit radical here) women are human beings with thoughts and feelings of their own. It's a human thing: we don't respect things that are easily gotten and when you look like The Casanova does, women are very easily gotten.

"Dude, I'm great at oral sex."

At least he's clean.

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