Tonight we went into the city, to the Ying Chow.
It was 10pm, finally dark, the day losing its searing heat.
We sat outside and watched the dancers.
They finished their performance and were invited to stay there for dinner.

We went to the Turkish coffee shop for coffee and turkish delight.
An evening wind swept away the tops of our coffees before they reached the table.
It was like the leading edge of a Spring storm.
In this heat it was still welcome.

It will be hot again tomorrow, and for the rest of the week.
I heard that 30 people died here in the past few days.
We have had power outages, some planned, some not.
Some people have been without power for more than 24hours in 45C.
I wonder about this State's water and power infrastructure.

We are home again now. It is still, warm and quiet.
Geeks and dogs have chosen their strategically cool corners.
Moths are laying siege to my monitor.

I have been reading poetry by Margaret Dubay Mikus.
I like one called Easy as breathing.
What can you do as easy as breathing?
It is a nice question; what comes naturally?
I think the answer changes over time.
I am looking for ways to answer it which
might lead me in unexpected directions.

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