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Published in May 1943, Japanese Infiltration Among the Muslims Throughout the World is a document written by The Office of Strategic Services, or what would later basically become the Central Intelligence Agency. Within the document's pages are detailed history and methods of Japans supposed attempts to court Muslim nations, in an attempt to form a super world power to rival the growing Western nations.

Beginning around the 1880’s, a Japanese organization of ultra-nationalists, called the Black Dragon Society, whose members included future Prime Minister of Japan Inukai Tsuyoshi, began a secretive campaign to befriend nations whose primary religion was Islam. Not until 1900, with growing favor among both Muslims and the Japanese, was the policy brought to light publicly with the passing of the Muslim Pact, which promised even more support for Muslim counties, and conversion of large numbers of Japanese to Islam. It was rumored that the Emperor of Japan himself would convert to Islam, and encourage all other Japanese to do the same, adopting Islam as the country's national religion; and because of the flexibility in Shinto, this seemed almost possible.

Citing numerous growth of mosques, groups, and Muslim publications, the document says 1923 was the height of the Muslim-Japanese conspiracy. It says that it was also during this time that Muslim dominance was growing among other parts of Asia, with a Japanese named Sakuma establishing a Muslim evangelical center in Changhai, called The Society of Light. Also citied within the document is the large number of Muslim exchange students brought in to study at Japan’s top universities.

Also throughout the campaign Japan used a mix of anti-communist, and anti-western rhetoric to gain acceptance and friendship with Muslim countries, especially in South-East Asian, where it attempted to portray Japan as ridding the region of Anglo-American tyranny. According to the report, Japan also partook in clandestine operations in the Muslim regions of China, and Russia, approving and aiding subversive acts against their communist oppressors.

Of course, this all shows the United States deep Islamaphobia, and fears of Japan, with paranoid delusions of a Japanese-Muslim merger that would have been a huge threat against America during this time. In retaliation the OSS proposed a campaign of pro-American propaganda, aimed against the regions that Japan had apparently infiltrated. Just another example of America's poor intelligence community.

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