A phrase occassionally heard on the radio while playing the game Grand Theft Auto 2 while driving around in the Japanese section of the city.

When I think about it, to a certain degree it is very true. Japan did come up with Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation, Virtual On, Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Donkey Kong, and countless other gaming delights.

If you want to see the real proof of this, in real life, in the daylight:

Go to an expensive golf course in some high-dollar resort area. Yeah, Maui would be a good example. You pay a couple of hundred dollars to enjoy a nice round of golf in a pristine setting. You and your friends are having a great time, relaxing, contemplating the joy of both golf and life itself, until . . .

You encounter the Japanese people who like to play games. Not only do they like to play games, but they have brought their slaves (sorry, I meant spouses) to take pictures of them liking the game so very much.

Watch as they run from one shot to the next, then pose as their slave spouse runs to take their picture. Watch as they run to the golf cart to speed off to the next tee where they will run to the tee, hit as soon as possible, and then speed to the next shot, cameras clicking all the while. Yammering to each other like so many wind-up crack baby dolls.

It's like when you're at Disney World with your kids, and you notice so many parents who are not actually there, in the sense of enjoying a vacation. They are behind a video camera. They will wind up playing those tapes of being at Disney World with their kids over and over, but they were never at Disney World with their kids.

The Japanese who love to play games were never really playing. But they will show the pictures and swear to God that they played that golf course.

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